DrivingSales Executive Summit

​The absolute highest quality training 

event for forward-thinking dealers.

Now virtual only!

Starts NOV. 9, 2023 | 10 days of jam-packed learning

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A New and Improved Virtual Experience

DSES 2023 includes a virtual format with continued learning to provide you and your team with a top-class learning experience and see meaningful growth at your dealership.

Attend virtually

DSES 2023 is now 100% virtual. Stream the keynotes and breakouts live and participate virtually from wherever you and your team are located. Live sessions happen November 9-13, 16-20 and 23rd for the Canadian Breakout.

Apply Your Learning

Key topics will receive 90 days of virtual learning with your registration. DSES lets you move the needle by providing follow-up training and access to software that helps manage and implement the processes learned at DSES. ishadow.

Experience ALL of the education

Attendees are given 12 month online access to watch or rewatch all of the keynote or breakout sessions to make sure that you and your team don’t miss a thing.



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 Regular $399 

Early-Bird $349


Virtual Team Attendee

Make sure your whole team participates in the learning.
Includes all of the benefits of the virtual attendee for five members of your team to attend virtually. 


Early-Bird $699


OEM Virtual Attendee and Team Virtual Attendee

​Register Here​

Apply what you learn at your dealership

Included with all registrations is access to follow up training and software to make sure that the processes learned at DSES are mastered.

  • Live, follow-up training sessions done virtually to reinforce the training covered at DSES.
  • Homework assignments corresponding with the training so attendees can put their learning into action.
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​Preparing innovative executives to have their best year ever.

​Our agenda is built for the entire leadership team, it covers​

progressive topics in all areas of dealership operations.

Advanced Digital Retailing

Gain insight on how to build a winning sales experience that delights your customers

Modern Human Capital

Master the tactics you need to hire, train, and develop an agile, high performing organization

Progressive Sales Training

Discover the latest in all things sales.  From BDC to sales process to F&I, you'll gain the insight you need to stay ahead

Cutting Edge Digital Marketing

Sell and service more vehicles. Uncover the proven strategies that drive traffic and increase conversion

Next-Gen Fixed Operations

Discover the innovative tactics you need to know to dominate your market

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Learn how to build and market a winning inventory that improves velocity and increases gross

Innovative Leadership

Understand techniques to help you lead your dealership, improve efficiencies, and increase performance


Who should attend?

DrivingSales events cater to progressive leaders who are senior in their roles. Our training always delivers forwarding thinking practices and the latest in innovations in automotive retail. Because of this, entry level dealership employees are generally better served at more generic industry events.

Prior Attendees

Just a few of our valued past DrivingSales Executive Summit attendees

Innovation Cup

Discover the best new products to help you make money with our Innovation Cup. Imagine a

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Yeah, it’s that awesome.


Get Registered Today

Reserve your spot to join the top dealers at this year’s DSES, starting November 9, 2023 virtually

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